Social Responsibility

Social policy

In December 2015, a cooperation agreement was signed by KRET and Profavia (the Aviation Trade Union), which has membership at almost every enterprise of the concern. The closer links with Profavia are expected to put in place a better employee social security system and work conditions and enable a quick response to labour conflicts.

Pursuant to the agreement, KRET will assist in solving socio-economic issues for employees of the holding’s enterprises at the earliest stage of their occurrence and also help negotiate collective bargaining agreements. In addition, the agreement provides for KRET companies to take part in the development of remuneration and bonus system, provided labour productivity grows at a priority rate.

Employee benefits and allowances

The Concern provides pecuniary aid and benefits to its employees in accordance with the “Regulation for lump-sum benefit payment to the Concern’s Employees”. Benefits and pecuniary aid can be provided as follows:

  • health care, rehabilitation, high-cost medication;
  • first marriage;
  • child birth;
  • death of a next of kin;
  • emergency relief aid;
  • other grounds.

Company expenditure on the 2015 social programmes grew by 39.4% if compared with 2014 and reached 565.7 million roubles.

Health resort treatment

The concern has actively provided employees with recreational opportunities since 2014. In 2015, over 3,000 employees and their family members were sent to the Black Sea resort of Sochi, to be followed by 2,800 employees in 2016. The programme is arranged such that the employee pays only 20% of all the expenses with the balance carried by the concern.

Voluntary health insurance

KRET enterprises offer employees additional health insurance plans from insurance companies. The concern’s overall expenses on voluntary health insurance and medical check-ups for employees amount to 113 million roubles, or 2,227 roubles per employee, a 6.3% increase from 2014. In 2016, this figure will be raised to 3,484 roubles per employee.


The main goal in the field of occupation health and safety is to preserve the life and health of employees at workplace. Respective efforts include organisational, technical, social, economic, legal, sanitary, hygiene, rehabilitation, medical and preventive measures.

The chief administration officer has been responsible for OH&S arrangements at the concern since November 2015. OH&S staff engineers are responsible for OH&S at concern enterprises.

Events in 2015:

  • in January, many employees (40%) took part in an emergency medical drill to practice first aid at workplace and at home;
  • in March, KRET’s employees underwent eyesight tests by ophthalmologists and optometrists.

Social projects

The concern actively engages in corporate sponsorship and charitable giving.

The legal framework for sponsorship and charitable giving expenses is provided by the Rostec State Corporation Order 53, of March 16, 2011, (as amended by Order 38, March 6, 2014) “On the Approval of the Corporate Policy Procedure in the Field of Sponsorship and Charitable Giving and Also the Sources of Financing Implementation Thereof”.

According to the order, estimates of expenses on sponsorship and charitable giving are based on the target revenue indexes for the next year (0.1 to 0.3%) and the forecast net profit of the current year (0.5 to 1.5%), respectively.